Ad Tracking

Wouldn’t it be nice to know, without a doubt, which of your advertising and promotional efforts work and which ones waste your time and money? When Ad Tracker is turned on, you will know!
How does it work?
You come up with various 1 to 3 digit Ad Codes to place in your ad alongside your TeleCenter number. For example you would advertise your TeleCenter number and ‘Mention Code 469’ in all of your USA Today ads. You would use the same method for your postcard mailings except you would use Code 378. And for all ads in your local newspaper use Code 167. You can come up with countless variations of numbers for each of your ad campaigns!
When Ad Tracker is turned on, all callers will be prompted to provide the Ad Code that was displayed in the ad they are responding to. Once they enter those digits, they will then hear your Main Greeting play. When you access your Inbox, TeleCenter will inform you of the Ad Code the caller entered along with their message.
This money saving feature of TeleCenter does the following:
  • Enables you to monitor your advertising results and help you quickly determine which advertising efforts are generating the most calls.
  • Enables you to know without a doubt which ads your interested prospects saw and responded to.
  • Helps you control your advertising costs by allowing you to define and drop advertising that is not generating a reasonable response rate.
  • Since you will know which ad your callers responded to you can prepare properly when responding to prospects.

Ad Tracker = Return on Investment!!!!