Call Announcement

Call Announcement works with the Live Call Forwarding feature to announce Live Calls being forwarded to the number of your choice.
How does it work?
If this feature is turned on you will receive a call forwarded from the TeleCenter system as normal, but when you pick up the phone instead of being connected directly to the caller you will have the following choices:
  • To accept the call, press 1.
  • To send the call to voicemail, press 2.
  • To replay the caller’s name, press 3. (Requires Call Screening to be turned on) 
  •  To hear the Caller ID of the person calling, press 4.
  • To record a short message to caller, then transfer caller to voicemail, press 5.
  • To repeat this menu, press *

As you see from these options, you have the ability to listen to the phone number of the caller before accepting the call, listen to the caller’s name and even record a short message to be played for the caller before they go into voicemail. WOW!

With the ability to leave a message for the caller and then send them to voicemail you will save time while maintaining a professional image. As you complete a scheduled meeting several minutes later than expected, you can notify your next scheduled appointment of your delay as they call into TeleCenter. Your message to the caller would say; “Hello Ed. I apologize I am just now wrapping up a meeting; I will call you back in 5 minutes. Please leave me a message with what number to reach you at.”

Call Announcement gives you maximum flexibility to choose how you wish to handle all incoming calls. This is especially great for moments when you are not in a position to talk or otherwise need to be more restrictive on which calls you take.