call blast

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Outbound Call Blast is like an Auto Dialer but without the pricy equipment expense and maintenance!
Have you ever had a need to deliver the same exact message to a large number of clients all at once?
For example, perhaps you need to announce the release of a new Product or Service to existing clients. Or maybe to send a reminder to a certain number of clients that they need to make an order before a certain date/time in order to qualify for reduced pricing.
Most people rely on e-mail to do this, however e-mail is often undeliverable due to something as simple as a full inbox or Spam filters. E-mails often go unread or are totally ignored. Even if the e-mails are read by the subscriber the written word is not nearly as clear, emotional, or as personal as the spoken word.
Outbound Call Blast helps you to overcome those limitations!
How does it work?
The Outbound Call Blast feature allows you to maintain one or many individual lists of names and phone numbers of existing clients*. You then have the ability to dial into your TeleCenter system, record a personal outgoing message and then select which list that message should go out to as well as when it is to be delivered.
TeleCenter then makes an outbound call at the designated time to all individuals on the list and plays your message to them.
Outbound Call Blast is smart enough to know the difference between an answering machine and a live person and will play the message appropriately. Callers listening to the message live can choose to respond to the message which will re-direct them to your TeleCenter system, or opt out of receiving future messages.

The List Management features for Outbound Call Blast allow you to edit and delete individual persons on the list or an entire list.

*Please note: Due to the strict Do Not Call requirements of the US Government, Outbound Call Blast can ONLY be used to call existing clients or those who have specifically requested to be on a call list. It can not be used to randomly call a purchased list of phone numbers.

* Per Minute Charge is in effect for outbound dialing.