Call Block

You may encounter situations that require you to be able to block certain calls from coming into the system. Perhaps you need to block certain Area Codes that your company is not licensed to do business in or you want to restrict callers from calling too often each day. Call Block gives you real time flexibility to Block Calls under certain circumstances.
How does it work?
The TeleCenter Call Block feature provides three methods of restricting who can dial your Toll-Free number.
  1. You can create, modify or delete specific numbers from a call block list
  2. Restrict calls from entire area codes by adding or removing them from your area code block list
  3. Or simply configure and activate Auto Call Block for all inbound calls. Auto Call Block lets you determine the maximum number of calls per day that you can receive from any given number so you can prevent repeat callers from abusing your system. Used in conjunction with the Ultimate Caller ID feature, Call Block allows you to effectively monitor and manage your Toll-Free number. 

The Call Block feature of TeleCenter gives you enhanced privacy options that are not available through traditional phone carriers or PBX Systems!