Call Screening

Call Screening works with the Live Call Forwarding feature to fully screen Live Calls being forwarded to the number of your choice. You might say this feature is your new personal secretary but without the added expense.
How does it work?
If this feature is turned on the caller will be prompted to record his/her name before being connected with you. When you receive the call forwarded from the TeleCenter system instead of being connected directly to the caller you will hear the recorded name played to you. Similar to having your incoming calls screened by your personal secretary, this gives you the ability to take the call or send it to voicemail. The Call Announcement feature will then prompt the following options to be given to you; in option 3 you have the ability to replay the callerís name.

To accept the call, press 1.

To send the call to voicemail, press 2.

To replay the callerís name, press 3. (Caller's name will replay exactly as they recorded it)

To hear the Caller ID of the person calling, press 4.

To record a short message to caller, then transfer caller to voicemail, press 5.

To repeat this menu, press *

Call Screening lets you know EXACTLY who is calling!