Call Transfer

Transfer callers between extensions/mailboxes just like a large corporate phone system! This is a feature that most Virtual PBX systems do not provide.
How does it work?
Live Call Transfer allows you to accept a call and then if need be transfer the caller to another extension or phone number.
This is where many Virtual PBX systems require the caller to dial back into the main number and re-select another extension. Not with TeleCenter!
With Live Call Transfer you simply place the caller on Hold, which allows them to listen to On-Hold Music, and then follow the prompts for one of four types of transfers.
Four Live Call Transfer Options
  • Supervised Transfer – Place the caller on-hold, dial another extension, communicate with the extension user and then connect the caller to that extension.
  • Blind Transfer – Place the caller on-hold and then transfer them to another extension without communicating with the extension user. 
  • Voicemail Transfer – Place the caller on-hold and transfer them directly into the voicemail box of a specific extension user. The system will not try to dial the extension and connect the caller. 
  • Call Re-Direct – Place the caller on-hold and enter another phone number (not extension) for the TeleCenter system to deliver the call to.

Here are some examples of our more popular transfer options.

Example of a Supervised Transfer: Perhaps you are the Sales person for the company, and an existing customer has chosen your extension because she has questions on a new product. Once you have covered those questions the caller mentions that she has a technical support question. This is outside your realm of expertise, so you offer to transfer the caller to the appropriate department.

So as to provide the absolute best customer service to the caller, you perform a Supervised Transfer to Bob at the Technical Support extension. When Bob picks up you are able to speak with him regarding the customer's needs and then finalize the transfer. Meanwhile the caller is listening to On-Hold Music.

For example in the above scenario your Supervised Transfer may go like this:

John - “Hey Bob, this is John from Sales. I have Mary Smith on the line; she is an existing customer and is experiencing an issue with her service. Can you take the call and help her out?”

Bob – “Sure John, I will see what I can do for her.”

John – “Great, thanks for taking good care of her; she is considering an upgrade to our new product. I will transfer her now.”

Thanks to this Supervised Transfer through Live Call Transfer Bob from Technical Support can accept the call after speaking with John and amaze the customer by answering ”Hi Mary, this is Bob. John from Sales mentioned you were experiencing an issue with your service, how can I help you today?”

Example of a Voicemail Transfer: Using the same scenario from above; perhaps when John calls Bob he tells John that he was just about to call another client for a previously scheduled appointment and can’t speak to Mary Smith at this exact moment. Bob then asks John to send Mary to his voicemail and he will call her back first thing when he is finished with his appointment.

In this scenario John can still provide excellent service to Mary. When he returns from speaking to Bob he says. “Mary unfortunately our Technical Support department is busy helping other clients. However I am going to transfer you to John’s voicemail and ask you to leave him a brief message explaining your issue as well as your contact info and he will get right back to you. Please hold while I transfer you, thank you.”

Example of a Call Re-direct: In addition to transferring to another extension Live Call Transfer can even re-direct a caller to another phone number!

This is similar to a Call transfer to an extension but this allows you to enter any phone number regardless of whether it is on your forwarding schedule or not.

Here is a scenario of how this would work. You have Call forwarding set to your cell phone and you take a call as you are walking into your office (or home). It is someone you really need to talk to but prefer to do so from your office phone. You press a key on the phone which puts the caller on hold and allows you to enter any phone number into the system, press another key and then the call rings to that new number so you can now pick up the call at the office desk phone.

It would also work in the reverse for times when you are on an important call and need to leave the Office. You can put the caller on hold and re-direct the call to your cell phone so as to continue the conversation as you leave the Office. Your caller won’t even know they are being transferred, they simply feel they are on hold!

Live Call Transfer truly gives you a ‘Big Business image with a Small Business Price!’

* Per Minute Charge is in effect for outbound dialing.