Fax on Demand

Give your callers 24/7 access to printed information with Fax On Demand extensions.
How does it work?
Prospects can input their fax number and have immediate access to your order forms, product or company details, directories, written testimonials, or any other information you would like to have accessible to your callers 24/7. This is a powerful marketing tool because it saves you time, expense, and effort from faxing information manually to your prospects and customers!
When the caller dials a Fax On Demand extension, he will hear a short description of the documents and will be prompted to enter the phone number of his fax machine. TeleCenter will automatically call the fax number and deliver the document you have uploaded onto that extension.
This is a great solution for people who are often on the road and need to send out the same documents over and over again to potential clients/customers. One call to your TeleCenter systemís Fax On Demand extension and your fax is on the way to your client, regardless of whether or not you are near a fax machine!
Plus with the Virtual Fax feature of TeleCenter your potential client can fax those now completed documents right back to you!
Try our Fax on Demand system right now! Dial one of our demo lines below, choose extension 900 and then enter your fax number when prompted*:
Demo Line: Dial 1-800-704-1314 and then choose extension 900 for a Fax-On-Demand extension.
* Per Minute Charge is in effect for outbound dialing.
   We do not store, maintain or sell your fax number.