Multiple MAilbox Extentions

Four different types of mailbox extensions can be programmed to provide more details about your business and support your growth. Message Taking, Greeting Only, Question & Answer and Fax On Demand mailbox extensions can be used in conjunction with your main greeting to provide a complete presentation system or an office directory.
TeleCenterís mailbox extension boxes are simple to create and extremely flexible. You can choose any extension number from 1 to 999, unlike most other systems which lock you into only using limited mailbox extension numbers. In addition callers can go from one Greeting Only extension to another for a full Presentation On Demand affect.
TeleCenter comes ready to go with the ability to setup 10 extensions (of any type) already included in the price. Additional Extensions can be purchased for just $10 more per month for sets of 5 extensions.
All 4 types of extensions can be created and edited via the telephone interface. For ultimate flexibility both Message Taking and Greeting Only extensions can also be set up through the Web Center online access portal in addition to the over the phone interface. You can create the extension online and upload a .WAV file from your computer directly into the extension for maximum recording quality!

An additional type of extension is available for those with a need to have different people manage individual extensions that re-direct to them personally. This type of Extension is a Virtual PBX Extension, you can learn more about this type of extension by clicking on the previous link.

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