On Hold Music

In addition to the 12 Music Tracks already provided for you to choose from within TeleCenter, you have the ability to upload your own Music or Message to be played while callers are being forwarded to you.
How does it work?
Simply login to the Web Center online management area and upload a file from your personal computer or call in to your TeleCenter and record your On-Hold message via the telephone. Itís that simple! And you can change it at any time!
This feature is great for providing your caller with the ability to listen to a personalized sales or announcement message while they are waiting to connect to you. While you have their interest and attention why not maximize that time by playing your professional message to them?
The ability to upload a file is perfect if you choose to have a professional voice talent record your personal greetings and messages for you. Rather than reduce the quality of having the voice talent record over the phone the voice talent can deliver his final recording to you via an audio file, and you can upload it crisp and clear into your TeleCenter system.

We desire to give you the greatest flexibility to make TeleCenter completely personalized to your liking and business needs!