Online Message Access

In addition to being able to access your messages via the phone and e-mail, you can access, preview, save, or delete your voice and fax messages online in real time as well! From any Internet-enabled computer, you can stay informed and be prepared to conduct timely follow-up with every caller.  
This is just one of many control features you have access to through our Web Center. Simply login with your TeleCenter number and personal pass code and you will have access to your messages from your online Inbox.
All messages and faxes are stored for 60 days regardless of whether they are in the Inbox, Saved or Deleted folders.
NOTE: Another benefit of accessing your voice messages online is that you can right mouse click on any of your incoming messages and download them as a .WAV file onto your personal computer!

Here is an image of the Inbox of a TeleCenter System as seen within Web Center:

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