Virtual Telecenter Pricing

VirtualTelecenter - Priced the Best!

The VirtualTelecenter is simply priced at $49.95 per month + a one-time $49.99 activation fee.

We are the ONLY company that gives you all the features for FREE.

Plus - the monthly price includes unlimited-Free minutes into the virtual telecenter. There is only a per minute fee charged if you activate call forwarding and someone dials ZERO to be connected to your telephone; that rate is less than 7 cents per minute.

The virtual telecenter will answer all of your calls using the automated telephone answering system. It utilizes all of the features you see on both sides of this page.

Same low price in US or Canada!

You can even get your monthly fee waived every month with TeleFriend!

GET IT FREE EACH MONTH. We provide a unique referral opportunity that enables you to qualify for FREE Service. Use our TeleFriend feature to share this exciting communication system with as many people as you know. When you do, we will waive the monthly charge if you have referred five other subscribers that have an active account in any given month. Not five new customers every month – just five referred subscribers using the service. Just our way of saying Thank You for spreading the word!

Ask our competition if they provide their service for free!

*Inbound calls are included. However, continuous excessive usage may result in your account being switched to a pay per minute plan. COA Network will make every reasonable attempt to contact you before a change to your plan takes effect. When TeleCenter has to make an outbound call, a fee of 6.9 cents per minute will be charged for the outbound call only. This outbound fee is billed in six second increments.

800 Prefix $25 One Time Setup fee

While most people have become very familiar with the fact that 866, 877 and 888 prefixes are Toll-Free, an 800 prefix certainly speaks out stability. If having an 800 prefix is important for you, than be sure to make that choice during sign up. Since there are fewer 800 numbers left unused, we require a minimal one time surcharge of $25 to assign an 800 prefix.

Professional Voice Talent Varies – Outside service

Many people prefer to have a professional sounding voice play on their TeleCenter system. If you would like a Professional Voice Talent to record your greetings please inquire, as we have many selections to choose from. Since we refer you directly to outside companies that are known to provide quality service, we do not provide pricing for this service, please make these arrangements specifically with the Professional Voice Talent of your choice.

Vanity Numbers or Transfers $35 One Time Setup fee / requires transfer time

Vanity Numbers and Transfers of existing Toll-Free numbers are available for a small fee. Please keep in mind that the selection of Vanity numbers and especially Transfers will take additional time. This delay is typically out of our control, as we will be waiting for the existing service provider to release the number you are choosing to use.

Additional Extensions $10 per month per set of five extensions (choose from 1 – 999)

TeleCenter comes ready to go with the ability to setup 10 separate extensions (of any type) already included in the price. Additional Extensions can be purchased for just $10 more per month for sets of 5 extensions.

Don’t wait any longer; establish your personal TeleCenter system right now!