Unlimited Minutes

Yes, Flat Rate pricing with UNILIMITED Inbound Minutes, that is correct!
Most Voicemail and Virtual PBX companies charge per minute on all calls into your system, we do not. We only charge for outbound calls.
Consider for a minute what happens when an incoming call to an extension is set up with Call Forwarding. Technically two calls are being made through the system at the same time, one call coming in (inbound) and the second call being made when TeleCenter dials out to your Call Forwarding number of choice (outbound). Many companies charge you for both calls so a Call Forwarded call eats up twice the minute usage. Not us! The incoming is always free, we only charge for the outbound*.
*Any Features that depend on Outbound Dialing are noted with an asterisk (*) throughout this site and specifically mention that per minute charges do apply. Note: Inbound minutes are included, however, continuous excessive usage may result in your account being switched to a pay per minute plan. COA Network will make every reasonable attempt to contact you before a change to your plan takes effect.