Voice Broadcast

While most subscribers to TeleCenter require only one number, many organizations and large companies see the benefit of providing each of their members or employees with their own personal Toll-Free TeleCenter number.
If your business requires multiple TeleCenter accounts/numbers for individual employees or agents you will have the ability to communicate with them all at once through the Voice Broadcast feature.
Voice broadcasts can be sent to other TeleCenter subscribers with the press of a button.
With TeleCenter you can build and specify unique broadcast lists to enable you to selectively broadcast messages to a subset of your organization such as employees/agents that are in a certain management rank, employees/agents that live in a certain area, etc.
Effective voice broadcasting helps keep your company/teams motivated, informed, and updated with the most current business practices so that everyone in your organization is prepared to achieve maximum results.

Voice Broadcasts can be up to 60 minutes in length and since the messages are managed internally there are no per minute charges for the sender or receiver of the message!

TeleCenter can automatically maintain your Master broadcast lists so you donít have to spend your time managing lists!

If you represent a company or organization that will require multiple TeleCenter Accounts so that each of your employees or agents have their own Toll-Free TeleCenter number, please contact us. We can set up the ability for you to have a Master Broadcast Group at no charge.